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two men from SHS ( society for humanitarian solidarity ) a yemeni UNHCR  drag ashore the body of a dead somali refugee as part of an operation to recover the bodies of 27 somali refugees who's bodies washed ashore after  a 130 passengers smuggling boat flipped over while approaching the Yemeni shores on the Night of Nov the 29th 2007,  on the shores on the village of Mayfa Haja in  Yemen on Friday   November the 30th 2007. the center is about 50 kms inland and hosts new arrivals for 3 days in order to give the refugees some time to eat and rest after  trips by boat that can be fatal and that can last up to 5 full days. Drinking Water on the boats is scars, food non existent. the smugglers often beat up the passengers and always force them to remain still for the the entire duration of the trip.  threats to be thrown overboard are a routine and often the boats flip over while approaching the yemeni shores killing most of its passengers. ///..Ever since the collapse of the Siad Barre regime in 1991 Somali men, women and children have been arriving at the port of Bosasso to buy passage in small open fishing boats to Yemen, where they are given automatic political asylum..The  boat trip, costing from 70 to 150 usd per person, can be often fatal due to the roughness of the sea, the overcrowded boats and the merciless of the smugglers..On the night of Nov 29 2007 a small fishing boat while trying to download it's load of refugees a few hundred meters from the Yemeni  shores of Meifa Haja, flipped over and was overwhelmed by the constant waves. of its 130 passengers, only 42 reached the UNHCR ( United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees )  refugee center in Meifa. 30 bodies where recovered the next day.  the rest are still unaccounted for.. UNHCR  estimates more than 80.000 somali refugees live  in the country residing mostly in shanty towns in Sana'a' and Aden.