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US engineers from the SAPPERS unit attached to  Alfa company, 1st battalion, 506th regiment, 101st airborne division stack 120mm shells of enemy ammunition in a raided compound front yard while conducting opearation Hudini, a dismounted ( on foot) raid with the purpose of finding enemy weapons, ammunitions and engaging the insurgency on FRI Jan 13 2006 in Ramadi, Al Anbar Province, Iraq. Alfa company left its forward operationg base named combat outpost at 0500 AM with an initial plan of returning after a few hours. after navigating in the misty riverside until the sun raised they raided a compound finding more than 900 pounds of enemy ammunitions burried in its perimeter. after the engeneers attached to the unit retreived all the explosives alfa company begun reciving mortars and small arm fire from the opposite side of the river. the unit had to remain on location to secure the area until the engineers detonated the cache. Meanwhile CPT Roberts, alfa ccompany's commanding officer was launching patrols in the area discovering a 500 pound improvvised explosive device on a road side that later was detonated by a Marine EOD bomb squad. during exctraction the unit exchanged fire on the open with the insurgency and after 12 hours they returned to their base.