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Americo, 27 years old, former Quiza ( a mixture of cocaine and other drugs, smoked like crack ) addict, prays during Ramadan at  the "Desafio Jovem" a rehabilitation community in the outskirts of Bissau, Guinea Bissau on Sunday Sept 16 2007.///..Guinea Bissau is infamous for its cocaine trafficking. in 2005 Colombian cartels begun to arrive in the country transforming it into a Narco State. Up to 5 tons of pure cocaine are estimated to be arriving in the country every week. Guinea Bissau is the 5th poorest country in the world, making it the ideal transit base for the cocaine that will finish on the european markets. Corruption and involvement in the trafficking are present at every level of its institutions..Guinea Bissau is only one of the countries in West Africa involved in cocaine trafficking. Tons of Cocaine have been seized in Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and  Sierra Leone.