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Fatia Mohammed, 18, former sex worker from the Somali region, takes care of her son while her former colleagues take drugs before a working night in Babile, Ethiopia on Friday June 09 2006..Fatia is 8 months pregnant, she quit her job when she delivered her first baby and now she sells peanuts on the street earning 1 USD a day. .tens of young girls work in small bars in the boarder town of Babile, where the rat of HIV infections is among the highest in the country. they seel their bodies for less than 2 USD. None of these girls test for HIV and frequently are frequently forced into unprotected sex..Ethiopia is one of the countries most affected by HIV/AIDS. Of its population of 77 million, three million are HIV-positive, according to government statistics. Every day sees 1,000 new infections. A million children under 14 have lost one or both parents to AIDS, and 200,000 children are living with AIDS. That makes Ethiopia the country with the most HIV-positive children.